Our LS9-16 has 16 analog "omni" XLR Inputs on the rear panel, and 8 more inputs on the MY8-ADDA96 Mini-Ygdai expansion card. For outputs the LS9-16 has a 8 XLR omni outs with 8 more outputs on the MY8-ADDA96 Mini-Ygdai expansion card.
    •    16 mono mic/line input and 4 stereo input channels,expandable up to 32 channels in two layers.
    •    16 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, plus stereo and mono buses with LCR mode.
    •    Virtual Rack packed with effects and EQ for just about any processing requirements.
The 16 mix buses can function in either AUX (VARI) or GROUP (FIX) mode. When the AUX (VARI) mode is selected the send point can be set PRE EQ, PRE FADER, or POST FADER. 8 matrix buses are provided in addition to the mix buses, and these can be used for side fill or recorder sends, or anywhere additional sends are required. For easy, efficient monitor mixing a SENDS ON FADER feature instantly assigns to send levels to the consoles faders. The output busses feature many of the same functions as the input channels, including 4-band full parametric EQ and dynamics, for extended output processing capability.*

Power requirements: AC100-240V 50/60Hz, and/or Use PW800W @ 95 Watts
Internal processing:  32bit, Accumulator: 58bit
Sampling frequency rate:  Internal44.1kHz, 48kHz, External 44.1 kHz (-10%) to 48 kHz @ 6%
Signal delay:  Less than 2.5 ms (@48kHz)
Total harmonic distortion:  Less than 0.05% (20Hz-20khz)
Frequency response:  0, +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz
Dynamic range:  DA: 110dB; AD+DA: 108dB
Hum & noise level:  Equivalent input noise-128dBu & Residual output noise-86dBu
Crosstalk:  -80 dB Adjacent Input Channels, Input to Output


W:  480mm; 18-7/8in
H:  220mm; 8-11/16in
D:  500mm; 19-11/16in

*All specs from:
Mixing capability:  
Mixing channels:  32 Mono (2 Layers) + 4 Stereo
GROUPs/AUX: 16 MIX (Group/AUX) busses
MAIN:  Stereo, Mono
Input channel functions: HPF, Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, 2x Dynamics, Pan (LR or LCR with CSR)
Output channel functions: Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, Dynamics
On-board processors:  4x GEQ, 4x GEQ/SPX (GEQ: 31-band or 2x Flex15), 50x Output port delay
Mic inputs: 16 (Recallable)
Phantom power: +48V DC; ON/OFF per channel
AD converter:  24-bit; 128-time over sampling
Line outputs:  8 Omni output
DA converter:  24-bit; 128-time over sampling
Digital I/O:  2tr in/out, USB Memory Recorder/Player
Expansion slots:  Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out); Possible to remote HA gain via slot
Control and others:  Ethernet, MIDI, USB (Storage/Key), Word clock I/O
Yamaha LS-9/16 Digital Audio Mixer
Technical Specifications
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