The Truck features:
• Up to six SONY HXC-100K HD camera systems
• Grass Valley Kayak 100C, 24 input HD Switcher
• 6 x 1 or 4 x 2 Grass Valley K2 Summit/K2 Dyno
   Slo Mo recorder/player
• 2 - AJA Ki-Pro recorder/players
• Yamaha LS-9 digital 24 x 16 audio mixer
• 14 input Miranda multi-viewer
• Tektronix monitoring with Diamond Gamut
There are a variety of lenses, robotic camera heads for full size cameras, wireless camera systems and other support equipment available at a nominal charge.
Parking and setup for the BAMP truck, at 10’ x 23’ (including stairs) with the “B” unit, at 8’ x 19’, allow for a smaller footprint than other larger Production trailers.
Truck Layout and Equipment List
SONY HXC-100K w/ Fujinon Large Lense Adapter
Grass Valley Kayak 100C SD/HD Switcher
Grass Valley K2 Summit with Dyno Slow-Mo Controller
Yamaha LS-9 Digital Audio Mixer w/24 in and 16 out
Miranda Alto and Quad Mulitviewers
14 total inputs across 2 LCD Monitors
AJA Ki-Pro SD/HD Video Recorder
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